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Comments from East Coast Marketing Conference 

A Pitch Perfect Pitch - You’ve pulled together your plan for an amazing campaign. Time to present your ideas to your Executive Team.  This class centers around understanding what’s important to your audience, & using those tools to powerfully present your ideas in a way that gets your audience on board and behind your plan.

Personal Priorities & Success Strategies - Take a look at a slice of your life and recreate what your future holds. Find comfort in the things of greatness you were meant to accomplish.


Make Your Creative Plan Part of Your Strategic Plan - Tying your Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, and Growth Strategy together through creative strategy. Re-evaluate how to take your plans and make them work well together as you seek success.


Creating Million Dollar Moments! – This is our time in history to make million dollar choices and create million dollar moments in our lives and organizations! 


Service & The New Economy – It’s easy to say, “Our competitive edge is service” - how do you truly deliver? Create service magnets within your organization and watch your business grow. 


Branding Yourself/Your Business ~ If asked to describe yourself/your organization in a simple statement, could you do it? If you don’t know who you are, why would others think of you first when options are available everywhere? Create a solid plan to STAND OUT!


Our Changing Audience – Not only are we challenged with communicating to younger consumers, we are also facing a climate of economic stress that changes the way your existing clients wants to do business. Understand different demographics, how they like to receive information, who is doing it right and how we can compete with the big boys.


Communication Success – One of the biggest employee complaints encountered in organizations is poor communication. Learn some simple tools to help in understanding where communication breaks down and how to avoid pitfalls in communication.


Kick Your Creativity Up a Notch! – Learn by doing fun and easy activities to take back to your office re-activate your creativity. Learn how to hear from ALL of your staff, not just the vocal ones. Be inspired with fresh and new ideas that you can use to create success tomorrow. 


From a 20 minute power talk to an all day teambuilding.  

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