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A powerful program, years in the making. For leaders and future leaders at all levels!  Let us help you and your team breakthru!... that’s our passion! 


Melissa specializes in implementing "Experience Training" and real life Business Development strategies that get results.

Melissa graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA with a Major in Communications.  Her objective was to change the world through communication.  Today, she changes the world one client at a time. Her passion creates new energy in the marketplace and has made her a sought after leader, speaker and change artist. Holding management and sales positions in the financial services and communications industry, Melissa brings real life experience to every engagement.  Clients take away ideas and strategies they can immediately implement to improve the bottom line. 


Meet Our Team

Kim's best compliment came from a client who said, "I told my daughter to strive to be like you…independent, driven, self motivated, and honest."  By drawing on Kim's 12 years experience in sales and marketing, she has helped her clients achieve success.  Her strong inner desire to succeed has made her a draw for many organizations throughout her career.  She has worked in sales and marketing including retail, television, radio, and newspaper.  She has helped her clients with strategic planning, training, and product research as well as marketing.  Her attention to detail helps her to get the job done right the first time.  She also has helped her clients to better structure their activities to be more efficient through her ability to see the big picture and how little things affect it.

Lori is a gifted consultant, coach and dynamic speaker, working throughout the US and China since 2004. She is known for her work with leaders and their teams, improving employee morale through personal empowerment, leadership and sales and service training. Lori is an expert in Culture Shift through the Leadership Success Track, WOW Experience Training, organizational evaluation as well as helping companies find their value and unique brand.

Lori comes from an entrepreneurial family. She worked for a large US credit unions (17 offices, $650 M assets) in charge of business development & marketing. Lori served as a recruiter and trainer & brand management officer to the fortune 500 company IKON.

Andrea's dedication and work ethic make her an asset to each client she interacts with. She has a strong understanding of sales growth, business development and marketing initiatives. She has enjoyed a wonderful career in sales, business development, marketing, and training, working with the complexities of larger companies like Sony, Microsoft, IBM and Brunswick.  She also had the opportunity to enjoy working with credit unions with asset sizes from $900M to under $10M focusing on all areas of their business including operations, marketing, and community/business development.  She is a mother of 14 year old twins and a wife of 25 years.  She is currently helping her clients reach their goals through a hands-on and comprehensive approach.

  • Samantha started an e-Commerce business from the ground up

  • She achieved a quarter million (+) in sales in first year using her own organic social media techniques 

  • Grew her following to 100k+ social media followers and email subscribers utilizing only social media, with no paid advertising within 12 months

Samantha is a big-thinker;  an ambitious go-getter with a specialty in problem solving.  Having built her own profitable e-commerce business from the ground up, Sam understands the 'heart' behind business strategies, branding, marketing and growth.   Samantha brings her 'hands-on'  knowledge of web design, branding and organic social media growth to her clients and creates innovative business strategies for today's modern businesses, grounded in old-fashioned work ethic while energetically embracing new world technology.

Leadership Success Track

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Each session reinforces the 3 Key Leadership Attributes:

  • Know ThySELF - Be a LEADER people want to follow

  • Know ThyTEAM - Energize Your TEAM’s Superpowers! 

  • Power Under Control - LEAD From the Middle